Dedicated Kids Entertainment

Dedicated Kids Entertainment

Discover Resorts in Karjat is your perfect family getaway destination, offering a range of activities and amenities that cater specifically to children. Our Dedicated Kids Entertainment program is designed to provide endless fun and learning opportunities in a safe and engaging environment.

Activities & Programs

Arts & Crafts

Creative Workshops: Let your child's creativity flourish with our daily arts and crafts workshops. From painting to pottery, we offer a variety of activities that will keep your little ones engaged and inspired.

Adventure Zone

Outdoor Playground: Our state-of-the-art playground includes swings, slides, climbing structures, and a sandbox, all designed with safety and fun in mind.

Treasure Hunts: Embark on exciting treasure hunts around the resort, designed to stimulate problem-solving skills and teamwork.

Water Fun

Kid’s Pool: A shallow, temperature-controlled pool perfect for young swimmers. Lifeguards are always on duty to ensure safety.

Sports & Games

Indoor Games: Our indoor games room is stocked with board games, video games, and puzzles to entertain kids on rainy days.

Educational Programs

Walks: Guided tours around the resort’s lush surroundings, where kids can learn about local flora and fauna.

Interactive Science Shows: Fun and educational science demonstrations that spark curiosity and a love for learning.

Evening Entertainment

Movie Nights

Enjoy family-friendly movies in our outdoor cinema under the stars.

Safety & Supervision

At Discover Resorts, the safety and well-being of your children are our top priorities. Our dedicated team of trained professionals ensures that all activities are conducted in a secure environment. We maintain a high staff-to-child ratio to provide attentive supervision at all times.

Dining Options for Kids

Kids’ Buffet: A special buffet designed with children’s tastes in mind, offering a variety of healthy and delicious options.

Cooking Classes: Fun, hands-on cooking classes where kids can learn to make their favorite dishes under the guidance of our expert chefs.

Special Events & Celebrations

Birthday Parties: Celebrate your child’s special day with a customized birthday party package. From themed decorations to personalized cakes, we handle all the details to make the day unforgettable.