Pooja & Dishank

Pooja & Dishank

The Pooja & Dishank Story

Pooja and Dishank's story began when we were introduced through our families. We quickly found common ground in their love for travel and adventure. As their relationship blossomed, we decided to get married. Choosing Discover Resorts Karjat for its scenic beauty, excellent amenities, and warm hospitality, we both come from large Marwadi families, and Discover is the only resort with enough rooms to accommodate all our guests. The pet-friendly policy was crucial since getting married without Baby Boo being a part of the ceremony was unthinkable. Additionally, the pool at Discover was love at first sight.

Decor & Themes

Introducing the pool varmala was an exciting and unique experience. Our guests were thrilled and it added a fun twist to our ceremony. We focused on vibrant floral arrangements that matched the natural beauty of the resort. The lighting was designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and we used a mix of pastel and bright colors to enhance the festive spirit. Each event had its own theme, making the decor both elegant and personal.


Our wedding was packed with five events over two nights and three days. Highlights included a colorful mehendi night with traditional music and dance, a lively sangeet where our friends and family performed, and the memorable poolside varmala. We also had a serene wedding ceremony followed by a grand reception. My favorite event was the sangeet because it was full of energy, laughter, and heartfelt performances that brought everyone together.

Fashion and Attire

For my wedding outfits, I chose a mix of traditional and modern designs. Dishank and our families also opted for a blend of classic and contemporary styles. Dishank wore a regal sherwani, and our family members wore a mix of traditional and trendy attire. The outfits were carefully selected to reflect our cultural heritage while embracing modern fashion trends, adding elegance and style to each event.

Personal Touches and DIY Elements

One of the most memorable personal touches was my father-in-law, MJ, handing out toys to kids at the welcome ceremony. It added a joyful and heartfelt element to the event. We also incorporated several DIY elements, such as custom-made wedding favors, personalized photo booths, and handcrafted decor items. These details made our wedding feel more intimate and special for everyone.

Guest Experiences and Testimonials

Our friends and family praised the beautiful location, seamless organization, and unique pool varmala. They appreciated the stunning decor and warm hospitality. Many guests said it was the most memorable wedding they had ever attended, which meant a lot to us. The service provided by the staff of Discover was very prompt. The guests did not have to face any inconveniences.

Advantages of a Destination Wedding

It is like a picnic for the kids, they enjoy the wedding the most. Also till date, when kids from my extended family see me, they come to me and tell me, “aap vo didi ho na jinko shadi bade wale swimming pool me hui thi”( hehe, well this is funny yet great that kids remember my wedding) All thanks to the SPELNDID POOL.


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